Regain Youthful Movement And Obliterate Stiffness In Less Time Than It Takes To Drink Your Morning Coffee!



Reclaim Your Flexibility + Strength While Quickly Relieving Body Stiffness With This Simple-To-Use Mobility Program.

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This Course Is Great For Those Wanting To Reclaim Better Mobility And Healthy Movement Due To:

  • Constant achy, stiff joints.
  • Post-injury or Illness
  • Arthritis and aging (A great gift for older parents too!)
  • An overworked, overused, tired body.
  • The perfect tool for Athletes, Weight lifters, Personal Trainers, and movement coaches looking to increase mobility, range of motion, prevent injury and improve gains.
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"A once fit and healthy body hit by older age and sports injuries. Sciatica pain, poor posture, spinal injury and a more static lifestyle desperate to find a system that accommodates movement limitations whilst providing health benefits. Tristan, you are now part of my morning routine a massive big thank you" – 

- Grant


  • 11 full-length video lessons of guided mobility exercises per body region each under 30 minutes, that are easy to learn and incorporate into your current daily movement routine. 
  • Safe, anatomically correct movement with an emphasis on joint safety and preventing injury -- guided by a Physical Therapy Professional and movement expert.
  • Release restricted joints, muscles, and tissues from your feet to your head!  These areas include the:
    • Lesson 1: TOES
    • Lesson 2: FEET
    • Lesson 3: ANKLES
    • Lesson 4: KNEES
    • Lesson 5: HIPS
    • Lesson 6: MID + LOW BACK
    • Lesson 7: SHOULDERS
    • Lesson 8: WRIST
    • Lesson 9: NECK
    • Lesson 10: JAW
  • Learn self-massage techniques and tool-assisted myofascial release techniques to increase circulation, hydrate your tissues and relieve cranky, tight areas of the body that restrict healthy movement.
  • Body Stiffness Self-Assessment Tool to identify and target restricted areas of your body. This includes common restrictions found in each specific body region.
  • As with any movement program, CONSISTENCY IS KEY! These mobility drills will gradually open your body and allow you to do more physically for a lifetime!
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With This Course You'll Also Get:

  • Lifetime Access! When you purchase any of Tristan’s courses, each is yours to keep and use at your own pace and return to again and again.
  • An exceptional wellness resource for you as you progress forward with a clear education on how to create more natural space and freedom in your body-- in your own way, on your own terms!
  • This course is designed to fit into your busy life, and finally--get your time back along with your Best Self.
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▶️  11 Easy-To-Follow Strength + Mobility Videos

🎾 Self-Massage + Myofascial Release Techniques

📈  Body Stiffness Self-Assessment Tool

⏱ 15-30-min Variations

✅ Beginner to Intermediate Level


Over 60,000 People Had Life-Changing Results...


 "Thank you! Thank you! And again thank you so much for this course. My lower back and hip are much less painful."

– Jodie

"This program is fantastic! I am now going back and using the days that I feel my body needs that day. I’m 68, and need all the help I can get!"

– Diane

"I am so pleased to notice improved general flexibility and flow through the movements. The changes are steady, noticeable and so gratifying. Thank you, Tristan. I am 75. I have more energy and flexibility...and no back pain!"

– Kay

"I’ve bought other courses claiming to help improve movement and get rid of pain, but they were too complicated to learn.  Tristan’s teaching is straight forward and he is easy to understand.  It reminds me of my physical therapy exercises but much more focused and structured.  This course makes sense!"

 – James

"Wow!  I never knew I had some of these restrictions in my body.  I have been going to healers for years (I’m 48) and haven’t made as much progress as I have with this program.  There’s so much useful information that no one I’ve seen in the past has ever taught me.  This is such a valuable program – thank you, Tristan!"

Mary Ann

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From retirees to celebrities, Tristan has helped people all over the world learn how to eliminate pain + stiffness without medications through physical therapy-based yoga and joint-safe mobility techniques that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

As the creator of Yoga Prehab® and Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, he is a pioneer in prehabilitative therapeutic practices that are designed for ALL LEVELS, doctor-approved, and medically reviewed by leading physical rehabilitation professionals for safety and efficacy.

Each Yoga Prehab® course is developed with an emphasis on easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, time-saving body rejuvenation tools you can incorporate immediately into your daily routine.