Top 3 tips To Improve Foot Health + Fix Your Back Pain

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How The Feet Influence Your Low Back

Ever considered that your feet could influence that nagging back pain you've been trying to shake off? Most people don’t. But give me just 5 minutes of your time and I'll give you my top 3 tips to improve your foot health and start healing your back pain.

The Foot-Low Back Connection: When we think of our bodies, it's useful to envision a domino line. One domino falls, and the rest follow suit. This ripple effect starts from the feet, which form your base of support. If your foot arch collapses or isn’t functioning correctly, it can affect your knee alignment, then your hip, and eventually - you guessed it, your back.

Consider flat feet, for instance. When arches fall, it can lead to internal rotation of the knees, which in turn impacts the hips, tilting them forward. The lower back then feels the stress and strain, leading to discomfort or pain.

The Nervous System: Our feet aren't just about bones and muscles. They are jam-packed with nerve endings that communicate with our brain about our body’s position. This proprioception, or body sense, allows us to walk without looking at our feet or gauging the texture of sand at a beach.

An interesting fact is when you are walking on a hard surface your foot softens to cushion the blow when your foot hits the ground.  Alternatively, when you're on a softer surface like sand or grass, your foot stiffens to provide stability and balance.

When feet lack sensation, perhaps due to wearing excessively padded shoes, this feedback system gets disrupted. As a result, our posture might suffer without us even realizing it, leading to undue stress on our lumbar spine.

Practical Tips: Want to give your feet the love they deserve? Here are some starter exercises:

  1. Toe Peels: While sitting, place your feet flat on the ground. Simply lift each toe, one by one, and then place them back down one by one. This helps in building individual toe strength and dexterity.
  2. Arch Raises aka "Foot Domeing": Stand with feet hip-width apart. Keeping toes flat, try lifting the arch of your foot. Imagine sliding the balls of your feet back toward your heel without curling your toes. This is like doing a bicep curl but for your feet!
  3. Heel Raises: Stand upright and lift your heels, balancing on your toes. It not only strengthens the feet but also the calves.

Your feet, often encased in shoes and forgotten, hold the key to a healthy back. It's high time to respect and care for them, considering the pivotal role they play in your overall health and mobility.

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